Stockinger cooperage is more than 300 years old and the current owner Franz Stockinger is the 2nd generation Stockinger cooper of this small family cooperage in Austria.

The cooperage is very small with only 15 workers based in the small town of Waidhofen an der Ybbs in the North Western part of Austria close to Salzburg. They produce mainly large oak vats, but also a small quantity of 225, 300, 500 and 600 Liter barrels.

They are supplying mainly Austrian wineries and neighboring countries, Germany, Italy and France. South Africa is the first country outside Europe they have exported to since 2003. Stockinger uses mainly Austrian and German oak for manufacturing their barrels and vats. The oak is seasoned by the traditional "octaeder" system for 24 to 30 months for the small barrels and 48 to 60 months for the big vats.

The main characteristic of Stockinger barrels and vats is that it preserves the fruit of the wine enhancing the true flavors without overpowering it with oak taste.

These barrels are suited for a big spectrum of wine varieties, especially those with less expressed fruit.