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SA Young Wine Show and Veritas lead with wine judging sanitation - August 2020


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Tharo Wine is a family-owned business supplying quality products and services to the wine and food industry. It represents top European suppliers of barrels and wood-alternatives locally. The service includes admin and support from order to delivery at your doorstep.

Currently the French cooperages Boutes and Garonnaise are represented as well as the exclusive Austrian cooperage, Stockinger. Suber Oak is the main supplier of French and American oak alternatives including tank staves, mini staves, blocks and chips. Tharo wine also supplies UV-related products widely used for sterilization purposes in the food and wine industry. Components for these products are sourced locally and abroad to ensure the best quality at a cost effective price.

The word “THARO” is Tswana for three – impersonating the three members involved in the business – Wynand, Hazel and Pieter Hamman. Wynand Hamman, an Oenology graduate from the Elsenburg Agricultural College, uses his knowledge and skills of more than 25 years, obtained while working for various wineries (Backsberg, Klawer, Lanzerac, Lourensford and Fryer’s Cove Vineyards) to market and supply a comprehensive service to clients. His is also liaising directly with suppliers ensuring the client with a product “custom made” for his specific needs.

Wife, Hazel, an Oenology graduate from the University of Stellenbosch and son Pieter, tend to administration and logistics.

SA Young Wine Show and Veritas lead with wine judging sanitation - 20 August 2020

The SA National Wine Show Association (SANWSA) has announced that they are the first organisers of wine competitions to be implementing world-leading sanitation systems to judge wines this year during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thereby, the 2020 SA Young Wine Show and the Veritas Awards, with more than 2 000 entries, will take wine competition sanitation standards to a new level by employing advanced ultra-violet and ozone air-and-surface sanitation techniques – in addition to applying comprehensive, specially formulated, protocols to ensure the most Covid-19 safe environment possible for the judges and personnel involved.

SANWSA, which presents these competitions – to be judged over five days each, respectively in early September and middle October – also boasts that this collaboration with Tharo Wine, a Stellenbosch-based cooperage and sanitation service specialist with its remarkable UV-related Uvozone system, will be a first for the industry.

This, in addition to implementing a 65-page virus protection protocol framework fine-tuned by a health practitioner experienced in developing relevant guidelines for large-scale industrial application.

“We’ve gone to these lengths in the interest of the South African wine industry, taking the lead to implement the most advanced measures possible to create a safe and healthy environment for our judges and personnel involved,” said the organisation’s chairperson, Christo Pienaar.

He added that more than 1 000 entries were expected for Veritas, which closes on 9 September, and the Young Wine Show which has received more than 800 entries. The judging at each of these will involve some 70 personnel and judges on 18 panels at the 650 square metres tasting venue, namely the Nederburg Auction Complex in Paarl. The panels have been scaled down from seven and five members respectively for the Young Wine Show and Veritas, to three each to limit the numbers for optimum Covid-19 distancing.

Wynand Hamman, general manager of Tharo Wine, which will supply the equipment, said,” It is a great privilege to make available our technical expertise and UV and ozone technology to SANWSA and these two most prominent wine shows. This is our modest contribution to the SA wine industry during these difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Hamman emphasises that the daily Uvozone sanitising will cover each square centimetre of the premises – each table, chair, window, bottle and tasting glass – overnight before each day of judging. Moreover, each judge will receive an electronic screening form to be completed, for instance with details on his or her health condition, daily before leaving home.

The Uvozone system has been developed by Tharo Wine over the past 15 years – initially focusing on oak-barrel and wine tank sterilisation, but today also including air sterilisation in cold-rooms, wine cellars, storage facilities, offices and much more.

The system utilises UV-C ultra-violet lamps and UV lamps that produce ozone. The UV-C light, the company explains, is germicidal, deactivating the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and thereby destroying their ability to multiply and cause disease. Specifically, UV-C light causes damage to the nucleic acid of micro-organisms by forming covalent bonds between certain adjacent bases in the DNA. The formation of such bonds prevent the DNA from being unzipped for replication, and the organism is unable to reproduce.

UV-C light is an excellent steriliser for surfaces, water, air etc. The radiation from the UV lamps is harmful to the human skin and eyes; therefore it is only operated in areas when no humans or animals are present.

The ozone sanitising process at the judging premises will only happen during the night before the tastings commence and then every night thereafter for the period of the judging.

The ozone producing lamps will be switched on for two hours during the early hours of the evening and the air-conditioning system will distribute the ozone gas through the whole venue. Thereafter, the germicidal UV lamps, in turn, will be activated and help break down the remainder of ozone in the venue for up to four hours and thus leaving the venue safe for humans.

Tharo has the necessary measuring equipment to test UV radiation and ozone levels in an area to ensure its safety for humans to enter.

Meanwhile the SANWSA’s unique protocol list for safe judging sessions has already been implemented highly successfully at the Novare SA Terroir Wine Awards, including the following:

  • An on-line form for screening, which has to be completed daily by all judges, organisers and workers
  • Temperature screening and hand-sanitation on arrival
  • Compulsory face-masks and maintaining a safe distance of 2 m between judges and personal hand-sanitation
  • Only one handler of glasses to be placed on serving trays, with clean glasses for each round, and one person per tasting panel handling these
  • All glasses and coffee mugs to be cleansed in a special machine at 80°C.

The Young Wine Show judging takes place from 31 August - 4 September and Veritas judging from 12 - 16 October at the Nederburg Auction Complex in Paarl, which ensures ample space for social distancing for all the judges, officials and personnel.

Contact us for more information at tel 021 863 1599 or e-mail info@veritas.co.za.

VERITAS: Stay in touch via social media:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/VeritasAwards
Twitter: twitter.com/veritasawards


Boutes is a medium size family cooperage based in Beychac et Caillau between Bordeaux and Saint-Emillion, France. Currently, brothers Pierre and Eric Barthe, the fourth generation are running this 129 year old cooperage founded in 1880.

Boutes controls all the processes of manufacturing wine barrels. Buying standing trees, having their own stave mills and stave yard they strive for excellent consistent quality in their products.

A whole range of oak wine barrels, oak tanks and vats are produced. Production is about 30 000 barrels per annum that range from 50 liter to 500 liter. The big vats and tanks range from 600 liter to 10 000 liter.

Boutes strives to deliver high quality barrels that are known for respecting the fruit quality of wines, giving complexity, roundness and length without overpowering the wine with oak or toasting characters.

These barrels are used on a variety of white and red wines by winemakers from all over the world.

For more information and a full list products, please visit the Boutes website here.


Garonnaise is a small artesian cooperage based in the town of Marmande, Bordeaux, France. A total of 3500 barrels are produced annually by highly skilled master coopers. The range of barrels produced range from 225L to 600L.

Only the best seasoned stave wood is selected for making these barrels and to create the unique Expression characteristics. The toasting process is long and at low temperature. This result in a barrel that respects the wine but adds a complexity of aromas.

The Expression barrels are used on a variety of white and red wines by winemakers from all over the world.

For more information and a full list of products, please visit the Garonnaise website here.





Stockinger cooperage is more than 300 years old and the current owner Franz Stockinger is the 2nd generation Stockinger cooper of this small family cooperage in Austria.

The cooperage is very small with only 15 workers based in the small town of Waidhofen an der Ybbs in the North Western part of Austria close to Salzburg. They produce mainly large oak vats, but also a small quantity of 225, 300, 500 and 600 Liter barrels.

They are supplying mainly Austrian wineries and neighboring countries, Germany, Italy and France. South Africa is the first country outside Europe they have exported to since 2003. Stockinger uses mainly Austrian and German oak for manufacturing their barrels and vats. The oak is seasoned by the traditional "octaeder" system for 24 to 30 months for the small barrels and 48 to 60 months for the big vats.

The main characteristic of Stockinger barrels and vats is that it preserves the fruit of the wine enhancing the true flavors without overpowering it with oak taste.

These barrels are suited for a big spectrum of wine varieties, especially those with less expressed fruit.

Suber Oak

Suber Oak is an Australian company, started in NSW in the late 1980's before moving to the Barossa Valley in South Australia in 1990. Soon after relocating to the Barossa, Suber Oak began to research the production of toasted oak products in a form that could be used in winemaking as an alternative to traditional barrels.

The use of these Oak Adjuncts gives winemakers great flexibility in extracting a range of flavours from the oak at considerable savings. Suber Oak's 'Traditional', 'XOV' (vanilla) and 'XOS' (special) style products offer winemakers a choice of, or combination of, three distinct flavour profiles. The 'Traditional' toasting process mimics that of barrel toasting, the 'XOV' toasted products highlight the vanillin and sweet flavours and the 'XOS' toasted products highlight high vanillin and aromatics with subtle spicy oak. The aim always is the delivery of harmonious, elegant flavours without overpowering the wine.

Suber Oak's long standing within the wine industry stems from its roots in France, and, today, reaches into all the major winemaking areas of the world. Suber Oak's commitment to the industry is the ongoing development of new technologies and products, with customer feedback as the basis for evolving the product range to satisfy modern, emerging market trends; and at the same time, retaining traditional products and values.

For more information and a full list of products, please visit the Suber Oak website here.


Clayver is a ceramic container with 250, 350 and 400 liter capacity. The weight of the three models is respectively 100, 125 and 150 kilo. The shape can be spherical or oblong to limit the weight and favor the convective motions that appear naturally in the fermentation and aging phase on the fine lees. The spherical shape allows also an easier handling of the container in its movements and makes cleaning easier.

The container is made of gres obtained starting from a mix of raw material selected with the precise aim of making it suitable for containment and aging of wine. A small residual porosity allows a light exchange of gas with the external environment. This type of material guarantees an excellent chemical inertia and the absence of transfer of metallic ions to wine. Despite gres being particularly hard and resistant it is still a material that is sensitive to impact. A certain care is necessary therefore in its handling.

For more information and a full list of products, please visit the Clayver website here or download the brochure here.



Ultra Violet and Ozone products

Tharo Wine produces a variety of Ultra violet and Ozone products that are used in the wine and food industry.

A variety of lamps and electronic drivers are sourced from the U.S.A. and is utilized in local designs.
These lamps can either be germicidal UV or it can be dual purpose, with other words it also produces ozone.
Because of these characteristics, the lamps can be used for a wide variety of sterilization applications such as surfaces and or areas.

Some of the products we produce are: Barrel sterilizing lamps, Tank sterilizing lamps and Air sterilizing units.

For more information about our Ultra violet and Ozone products please email us here.


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